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Welcome Tiles is the easiest and quickest responsive WordPress grid plugin available. Beginners find it superbly user-friendly and advanced users love its rich feature capabilities.

It helps you present your images, custom text, videos and blog posts in beautiful responsive grids. You can design grid layouts from scratch within minutes or browse its 80+ presets to find the grid settings that suit your needs perfectly!

80+ presets! What all do these cover?

A lot! To check out its vast range of uses, you can view the presets for Welcome Tiles. Like clay in your hands the plugin can be molded into so many shapes suiting your requirements.

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When you can achieve so much with a single tool you can truly enhance your speed, efficiency and creativity. Forget about juggling multiple plugins for what Welcome Tiles can do alone. It’s making life easier for so many users when it comes to WordPress web development.

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Visit the homepage by clicking here.

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With its vast array of presets and easy, user friendly interface, you’ll speed up your workflow and start completing your projects like a boss in no time!

The user interface of this plugin has been developed to be especially easy for beginners yet feature rich for advanced users. The process for creating new tiles is simple and well documented with text and videos. Plethora of customization options means users get to bring their creative visions for their websites to life, that too all on their own.

Web devs such as myself will enjoy this plugin for its code and hassle free way of quickly creating amazing designs.



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Chief Feature Highlights of Welcome Tiles:

  • Wide Variety of Presets: To keep things absolutely simple, and to demonstrate the plugin’s potential, it comes equipped with dozens of beautiful presets for a wide variety of uses. Presets are fully customizable so you can change colors and other settings to blend them with your site design.
  • In-Depth Customization Ops: All the presets for Welcome Tiles were created using nothing but the plugin settings panel itself, so the variety of presets should tell you about the level of customization the option panel offers. Such customization potential bring users closer to their creative vision.
  • Truly Mobile Optimized: Mobile traffic is highly significant to many sites today, and certainly an asset to any, which is why Welcome Tiles is carefully mobile optimized. Tiles and their groups (called tiled yards) are responsive, so they will fluidly shrink and expand as per screen size.
  • Amazingly Versatile Uses: The dozens of available presets alone span a wide range of categories from recent posts to smarter images, feature boxes, notifications, and so on. You could be churning tiles out for plenty more uses once you start exploring its presentation potential.
  • Advanced CSS Effects: Today’s modern web browsers offer amazing advanced CSS effects, however these remain woeful underutilized. Welcome Tiles presets tastefully avail such facilities where appropriate and users are given convenient animation options to control these settings for themselves.

A Few Demo Screenshots:

Wait! You’re not on the plugin homepage yet? Well, I recommend heading over to the plugin homepage or one of the presets pages to view the live demos instead of just screenshots since they do not convey the hover functionality and awesome css and jQuery effects!

Welcome Tiles are highly flexible in your hands. They can be twisted and turned into different shapes to suit your purpose, but they always remain responsive. The output can be very varied, as can be seen by the available presets.

But first please note these important points:

  • You can have as many tiles in a set as you like. I am using very few tiles in the preset examples in order to conserve space. However, there are absolutely no restrictions on how many tiles you use with a preset.
  • The screenshots below depict only few examples from the vast amount of presets, that too without CSS effects, so I recommend going over to Welcome Tiles Homepage for the real magic with live demos, and you will find loads and loads more on the presets pages!
  • Testimonials

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    Feature Boxes

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    Recent Post Excerpts

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    Author Box

    Welcome Tiles - Easy Responsive Multi-Purpose Grid - 9

    Notifications & Updates

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    Feature Boxes Large

    Welcome Tiles - Easy Responsive Multi-Purpose Grid - 11

    Welcome Tiles - Easy Responsive Multi-Purpose Grid - 12

    Smarter Images

    Welcome Tiles - Easy Responsive Multi-Purpose Grid - 13


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    There are already dozens upon dozens of presets available and I am excited about creating new presets, and will be thrilled to check out custom presets created by my clients themselves. For any queries or support I will be reachable at welcometilesplugin@gmail.com

    Got a query or suggestion?

    I am always happy to answer questions from prospective clients and provide support to existing clients. If you have any suggestions for the plugin, please do tell me about them, and if they happen to be in popular demand and are doable, then you’ll might just find them in the next version of the plugin! For queries and concerns, you can mail me directly: welcometilesplugin@gmail.com or leave a comment in the comments section here and I will be sure to get back to you asap!

    Update Log:

    Feature Additions:
    - Individual Tile Targeting: Individual tile can now be targeted for separate styling by 'Tile Design Specifications' > ‘Tile Targeting’ tab. You can make a custom selection of tiles to target such as 1, 3, 6 or select by patterns such as even and odd.
    - Mixed Media Grids:  Different tiles can be featuring different media such as images, videos or just plain text within the same grid.
    - Masonry: A new layout mode has been added for creating smarter looking grids called masonry. It lets the tiles have varied heights and seamlessly packs them in uniform verticals.
    Preset Enhancements:
    - 10 Completely remastered presets for: Recent Posts and Feature Boxes
    UI Enhancements:
    - Tile Storage: The 'Tile Storage' system is basically circumvented while creating new tiles as they are automatically added to the bottom of the tile yard. No need to select them and add them manually anymore.
    - Overall Layout Tab: A new main tab has been created for the ‘Tile Design Specifications’ section called ‘Overall Layout’. It is added for more conveniently and quickly handling common decisions regarding the grid. The idea is to further simplify and speed up grid designing.
    - Stored Tile Associated: In 'Copy' and 'Edit' modes, the storage tiles that are associated with the current tile yard will automatically go to the top of the tile storage, so they can be quickly spotted. If they were trashed earlier then they will be retrieved from among the trashed tiles. And they will be presented in the same sequence in which they appear in the tile yard. They will also automatically be selected.
    - Safety From Tile Overwriting:  If a storage tile has already been selected before and has been added to the current tile yard, then re-selecting it and re-sending it to the tile yard will NOT overwrite the associated tile in the tile yard. This helps a lot when you are in  a situation where you have made changes to the contents of a tile in the tile yard directly via the tile editing facilities in the ‘Tile Design Specifications’ and don’t want that specific tile to be overwritten by its associated tile in the tile storage section.
    - Prompt Before Tile Delete: You are now prompted for confirmation when removing tiles from the tile yard via the Tile Storage. The total number of tiles being removed by your actions are made clear to ensure that you do not mistakenly delete tiles from your tile yard while interacting with the tile storage area.
    - Demo Area Width Remembered: For all future shortcodes the width of the demo area which was set while creating them will be remembered for the future. The demo area will again be set to that width when copying or editing that tile yard.
    - Visually Tidying Up: A lot of tidying up has taken place in the 'Tile Design Specifications’ section to ensure the interface is neater than ever before.
    - New Base Style: Freshly created tiles will now have a different, noticeably better looking base style.
    - Added ability to delete tiles from tile storage
    - Added ability to delete tile yards from history
    - Added ability to change link source, link text, image source directly from Tile Design Specifications>Edit Tiles for any tile in the current tile yard
    - Security enhancement
    - Ability to export presets to other websites fixed up. Use the generate code from this shortcode button
    - Cleaned up interface, new CSS changes
    - More intuitive interface
    - WooCommerce integration
    - Separate Edit and Copy facilities
    - Ability to revive trashed tiles
    - Selected tiles will now automatically be shifted to top of tile yard
    - Future tile yards will be associated with their tiles, so while editing or copying a tile yard, its tiles will automatically be selected
    - 5 new presets (264 - Referral, 136 - Featured Normal, 55 - Notices, 87 - Featured Large)
    - Confirmation message before updating tile yard
    - Confirmation message before deleting all data
    - Bug fixes including for 404 messages in console

    I would like to thank my clients for their encouraging words, 5 star ratings and awesome suggestions for the plugin, some of which have already been implemented for enhancing it and many more are on the way. Please keep the ideas coming in folks, and I will be happy to develop Welcome Tiles into a more robust and useful plugin to help you create beautiful layouts

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