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  • eliminate the need for multiple sidebars
  • create complex logical statements with conditional tags to control widget’s visibility
  • 25 conditional tags, 11 with additional options
  • or, and, not logical operators
  • works with any custom or built-in widget
  • no code editing
  • intuitive and simple drag-n-drop GUI
  • extensive in-line help
  • has much more options and it’s easier to use than Widget Logic

Online demo, examples and documentation

Widget Ninja GUI


v1.60 - January 16th, 2018
* bug fixes
* minor improvements

v1.55 - April 27th, 2015
* bug fixes
* WP v4.2 compatibility fixes

v1.50 - April 5th 2014
* bug fixes
* added has_category() tag

v1.45 - March 2nd 2014
* bug fixes

v1.4 - December 13th 2012
* WP 3.5 update

v1.3 - March 6th 2012
* 2 new tags: is_tax() and is_user_role()
* few minor bug fixes

v1.2 - June 4th 2011
* significant speed improvement in admin GUI when working with a lot of widgets (+20)
* few minor bug fixes

v1.1 - June 2nd 2011
* new conditional tag: is_user_guest
* prevented AJAX requests caching (in admin)

v1.0 - June 1th 2011
* initial release

Note: Widget Ninja can only control widgets that use Widget API and not the ones that use deprecated register_sidebar_widget function.

Widget Ninja - 1



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