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WooCommerce Checkout Location Picker comes in your customers help to ease their pain caused by filling in all those fields at checkout, if you decide not to use geolocation ( read the note bellow ) your customers can fill in their address and afterward pin point the exact location on the map so the delivery of the goods runs smoothly avoiding useless phone calls asking for directions.

What it does? you ask, well…:

  1. if you are using the geolocation option ( read the note bellow ), it gets the current location of the customers sets the location on the map and autocompletes the billing and shipping address.
  2. if you’re not using geolocation it takes the address filled in by the customer and sets the marker on the map so the customer can move it around in the exact place.

How does it help the webshop webmaster? in the dashboard under order details page you will have the shipping and billing address on a map so you will now exactly where you need to send the products. Also the shipping address map will be attached in the new order email notification sent by woocommerce.

And it gets even better, you can customize the google map using the options that you will find in the Settings section of the plugin, things like marker image, zoom level and more.

Enough with the chit chat head on the the demo site and give it a try.

Note: due to the large amount of complaints about the positioning of the marker on the map using geolocation this featured is by default disabled. It’s nothing wrong with the way the plugin is made, it’s about how the ISP is providing geolocation data so if you want to use this featured use it at your own risk .

Use it and be AWESOME!

For any issues feel free to checkout the support forum
For pre-sale questions drop an email at pre-sale@netwakies.com
For suggestions drop an email at suggestions@netwakies.com


  • responsive
  • mobile ready
  • geoposition
  • many configuration options
  • translation ready
  • mutli-site ready
  • and more …

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Before you start:

Please find in the archive the folder named documentation, you have in that folder a file named index.html, double-click on it and read the documentation carefully.


v1.1 August 22nd, 2015

+ added shipping and billing address map under woocommerce order details page
+ added shipping address map on the new order email notification
+ option to enable/disable geolocation
+ option to set the position of the map on the checkout page
+ multi-site ready
- fix issues woocommerce 2.4.5
- fix issues with lastest version of wp

v1.0 February 9, 2014

+ initial release

The archive contains two folders:

  • “documentation” – you will find a complete documentation for you to easily get your way through the configuration
  • “plugin” – it contains the archive for the plugin that you will install under wp-admin

Future updates:

  • you will find the list of future updates in the documentation

This plugin uses:



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