Woocommerce Donations

Accept donations in woocommerce with amount specified by the client, so they can donate any amount they wish .

Donation can be shown as a usual woocommerce product or on the “cart”

Possibility to have predefined amount or a free-entry amount

Campaign support

Reports about donations

If the client skips the “cart” page or goes directly to “checkout” and hasn’t made any donation, a link on the “checkout” will be shown so he can make a donation.

Plugin for woocommerce donations that easily integrates with the template design you have already

Possibility to chose an existing non-shipping , no-taxable , not viewable OR to create a new product with the above properties from the plugin itself

Every step explain of the woocommerce donation is explained on the documentation with screenshot

Just enable the woocommerce donations plugin and you will find the “Add Donation” field on the cart

Demo Shop admin area

user : demo

pass : demodonations

Full documentation
click here

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Woocommerce Donation plugin - 2
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Donation on the cart

Woocommerce Donation plugin - 6

General settings ( view full size )
Woocommerce Donation plugin - 7

Campaign support ( view full size )
Woocommerce Donation plugin - 8

Reports ( view full size )
Woocommerce Donation plugin - 9


23 Sept 2019
Fixed donation  report issue. Thanks @therealgilles

5 Nov 2017
Updated backend to use ajax product loading when selecting the donation product

1 May 2017
Updated to work with Woocommerce 3.0 and backward compatibility  

12 Jan 2017
Added support for campaigns
Added support for predefined values
Added support for currency symbol display 
Added support for reports
Avada  5.X fixes

6 May 2015
Fix for WC API call .Thanks dbwheaton 

8 Feb 2016
Fix to make it work for Avada and Avada based themes

14 November 2015
- Added feature for strings translations
- Fixed session bug

14 August 2015
- Added feature so donation can be made even when there are free products on cart
- Added feature so donation can be a usual woocommerce product and can be purchased separately

09 March 2015
- Fixed a bug on IE8

01 March 2014
- Added link on "checkout" page if the customer hasn't 
   made a donation on the "cart" page 
   screenshot http://i.imgur.com/83Mpyp8.png
- Front-end messages are translatable via PO/MO files

24 January 2014
- First release
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