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WooCommerce Event Ticket

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How Magenest’s Event Ticket for WooCommerce works?

For Admin

  • Support Simple products and Variable products
  • Create event ticket products with ease
  • Able to customize the PDF ticket
  • Able to customize email template
  • Auto generate QR code for tickets
  • Display Google Map on product page with pinpoint to show event location
  • Manage event tickets on admin panel
  • Export data of event attendees to CSV file for better management
  • Set reminder email to customers to send X days before event date
  • Redeem tickets from backend (for single ticket or mass/bulk actions)
  • Resend tickets (via email) from backend (for single ticket or mass/bulk actions)
  • Scan QR and redeem tickets with browsers on Android mobiles or webcam
  • Upload QR code image and redeem tickets from backend

For customers

  • Purchase one or multiple tickets for events
  • Choose between E-ticket and physical ticket (with shipping option)
  • Receive pdf ticket(s) via emails
  • Send emails to all attendees

Multiple languages supported

You can easily translate the plugin to any languages with Loco Translate. Contact our support team at support@magenest.com for assistance.


WooCommerce event ticket - Changelog
### Version 3.0.1 Jan 6 2020
- Compatible with WooCommerce 3.8.x and WordPress 5.3.x
- Fix bugs
- Fix plugin translation 

### Version 3.0.0 Jan 10 2019
- Reformat code
- Add new feature that allow redeem code via image or carema
- Email design
- PDF design
- Fix bug old version

### Version 2.2 May 7 2018
- Fix reminder email (UI + login)
- Fix report page
- Fix export ticket to csv
- Change product status (outofstock) if event has ended

### Dec 16 2017
- Fix variation product name

### Dec 13 2017
- Fix email template
- Fix attendees

### version 2.1 July 10 2017
- Send email template
- Add report

### Version 2.0 April 6 2017
- Fix bug that make extension not compatible with woocommerce 3.0
- Add new feature that allow generate and send email from order view

### Version 1.6 March 14 2016
- Use the upload of wordpress instead of the plugin

### Version 1.5 October 10 2015
- (New Feature)Add the REST services
- Fix the bug that cause admin cannot see page 2 of ticket in backend

### Version 1.4 -September 23 2015
- Fix js bug that occurs after customer deletes a attendees

###V ersion 1.3 -September 23 2015
- Fix bug that options Allow customer enter attendees always true
- Fix bug that options Allow Google Map Tab in product detail page always true
- Fix bug that force distribute as hard copy when admin set option Enable option to allow customer choose to receive eticket or hardcopy of ticket to no

### Version 1.1 - July 21, 2014
- Improvement : add javascript that increase quantity of product if customers add more attendees
- Fix the bug that display the specific fields for ticket product that display on all product

### Version 1.0.0 - July 18, 2014

First release


If you have any query that is out of the provided documentation, please do not hesitate to contact Magenest Support Team via email support@magenest.com

Our support team is always ready to answer all of your questions.

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