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WooCommerce Product Listing is a WooCommerce plugin that helps you create a page with all the Products of your web site, and let users buy multiple items, just from one page!
You can also control the layout of the products list by using the different variations that the shortcode supports!

Now with a great admin panel, to make your life easier!


– Connect to your server’s FTP

– Copy the “productlistpages” folder from the zip into the “wp-content/plugins” directory

– Login to your WordPress administrator panel

– Click the “Plugins” tab and you will see your newly installed plugin – activate it.


You just need to include the shortcode [productslist] into a page of your WordPress Installation.
The shortcode also includes some variations also


The shortocode, comes with the following attributes, which you can use to extend the functionality.

category = You can assign either category IDs’ ( 6,7,8 ) or false, to hide the category column

[wcpl_product_list category=”6,7”] or [wcpl_product_list category=”false”]

tags = You can assign either tags IDs’ ( 6,7,8 ) or false, to hide the tags column

featured_view = true / false. Display or not the Featured Image Rable column

[wcpl_product_list featured_view=”true”] or [wcpl_product_list featured_view=”false”]

addtocart = inline / block. Display the add to cart in the end of each line, or to the top / bottom

[wcpl_product_list addtocart=”inline”] or [wcpl_product_list addtocart=”block”]

orderby = date / orderid / name. Select the element to be ordered by

[wcpl_product_list orderby=”date”] wcpl_product_list orderby=”orderid”

order = desc / asc. Select the type of ordering you want your shorting to have

[wcpl_product_list order=”desc”] or [wcpl_product_list order=”asc”]

sku = true/false.Select if you want the sku to be visible

[wcpl_product_list sku=”true”] or [wcpl_product_list sku=”false”]

stock = true/false. select if you want the stock to be visible or not

[wcpl_product_list stock=”true”] or [wcpl_product_list stock=”false”]

v 2:

Core Refactoring
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