Using Google maps now you can show on which part of the world you have sold products

Give your potential customers more security by showing that you have sold everywhere and even near their location

Select if you want to be precise per city or per country

Easily add the shortcode via the WordPress editor button

The locations are calculated automatically from the city/states shipping address of the woocommerce orders


  • City/State level of details
  • Use shipping or billing address
  • Make the pins clickable or not
  • WordPress editor button to add the shortcode
  • Custom pin / marker image
  • PHP function so you can use it outside posts / pages
  • Popup window / infowindow with sale count and city / state names
  • Zoom scroll control
  • Navigator control
  • Custom map colors and styles via snazzymaps.com

Google Maps now requires an API key to be used . Get one here and enter it on the options page of the plugin

Options page

Woocommerce Sales Map - 1

State level of detail view

Woocommerce Sales Map - 2

Cities level detail view

Woocommerce Sales Map - 3

Custom Marker

Woocommerce Sales Map - 4

Woocommerce Sales Count

Woocommerce Sales Map - 5

Custom style via snazzymaps.com

Woocommerce Sales Map - 6

Click here

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Woocommerce Sales Map - 7
Woocommerce Sales Map - 8
Woocommerce Sales Map - 9
Woocommerce Sales Map - 10
Woocommerce Sales Map - 11


Version 1.6
Added option : Use shipping or billing option from the order

Version 1.5
Updated plugin so it uses the new Woocommerce 3.X functions.

Version 1.4
Added option : Google API key is now required

Version 1.2
Added option : How many orders to show on map and map styles  via snazzymaps.com

Version 1.1 
Fix for Google map rate limiting. Now the markers are added in realtime and as soon as
Google map allows

Fix missing button on WordPress Tinymce editor

Version 1
First release


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