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Item Description:

The Article Social Share plugin adds a sleek social bar in your articles and pages, to boost your page views.


  • Elegant & Sleek CSS3 Design
  • Ultra fast share buttons loading
  • See Share counter from the posts/pages list in the wp-admin side
  • Light and Dark predefined styles

  • Posts, pages and custom
    post types supported
  • Display the social share icons on index pages including the home page
  • Responsive Layout

  • Change Icons order

  • Facebook, G+, Twitter, Linkedin,
    Pinterest, Tumblr, Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Buffer, Vkontakte, Print, Comments.

  • Different bar positions
  • Disable the social share bar in specific posts/pages
  • Cross Browser Support


v1.3.3 -
Removed Compact layout
Improved css

v1.3.2 -
Fixed Twitter counters. API Keys must be set in the plugin general settings.

v1.3.1 -
Added Facebook API options
Fixed issue with linkedin counter

v1.3 - 
Added Font Awesome support
Added Total shares counter

v1.2.9 - 
Added Whatsapp share option

v1.2.8 - 
Added most shared posts/pages widget

v1.2.7 - 
Fixed issue with LinkedIn button

v1.2.6 - 
Added Flat skin

v1.2.5 - 
Fixed issue with the description in some social networks

v1.2.4 - 
Improved responsiveness for vertical layouts
Fixed issue with Tooltips in iPhone

v1.2.3 - 
Added Fixed Left Position
Fixed issue with Pro Event Calendar

v1.2.2 -
Fixed issues on IE8

v1.2.1 -
Fixed issue with + button

v1.2 -
Added Bit.ly support.
Added option to place counters in the right.

v1.1.9 -
Added new skin "Compact" 
Added support for Wp Pro Event Calendar (http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-pro-event-calendar/2485867)

v1.1.8 -
Added bottom share bar for vertical positions in mobile

v1.1.7 -
Added URL shortener for twitter.
Added Form for email share

v1.1.6 -
Improved counters save time in cache.

v1.1.5 -
Improved Stats
Added Tooltip for "Plus" button
Added possibility to use negative numbers in vertical offset.

v1.1.4 -
Improved modal responsiveness

v1.1.3 -
Fixed issue with modal in vertical bar position
Added translation for email body text.

v1.1.2 -
Added Twitter handle option
Added "color" skin
Added Blogger Icon
Added Email Icon
Added option to limit icons displayed in the bar
Added option to display icons in a modal

v1.1.1 -
Fixed issues in Pinterest and VK counter

v1.1 -
Added feature to choose image on Pinterest.

v1.0.9 -
Fixed issue displaying social texts in the RSS feed and excerpts
Fixed issue loading the social share buttons before than the CSS styles
Improved vertical position responsiveness

v1.0.8 -
Added Tooltips for social buttons

v1.0.7 -
Added Buffer share button
Added Vkontakte share button

v1.0.6 -
Fixed layout issues in some themes

v1.0.5 -
Fixed issues with buttons in some themes

v1.0.4 -
Added Social Share Widget
Added "Top and Bottom horizontal" position
Fixed issues with Disqus comments counter

v1.0.3 -
Fixed issues displaying the social bar in home page
Added option to enable/disable the counters
Added Tumblr
Added Digg
Added Reddit

v1.0.2 -
Added support for Disqus in comments counter
Added Stumbleupon
Added Delicious

v1.0.1 -
Fixed issue removing icons from the plugin panel

v1.0 -


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