xCRUD – is a simple-usage but powerfull Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) generator application for PHP and MySQL. The application offers you many ways to work with your data and scaffolding, while remaining very easy to use even for non-programmers. Content management becomes simple and flexible, hours of saved time, minutes to implement. You can use it as plain php library or with your favorite framework and cms.


  • Single-line syntax for more convenience, it’s very simple:

    echo Xcrud::get_instance()->table('products');
  • Multi-instance system, which allows on a single page to load multiple xCRUD instances and to work with multiple tables simultaneously.
  • The fast ajax interface (powered by jQuery) for all of your actions, you do not need to wait for page reloading and loading unneeded modules, you get access to the data almost immediately.
  • Great compatibility and easy integration in any script, framework or CMS.
  • Supports all popular types of fields mySQL, date- and time-picker for date fields, drop-down lists for ENUM and SET fields, WYSIWYG editors for textareas, maps for POINT.
  • Simple validation rules, unique fields check.
  • Control over your data through the callback functions.
  • Control displayed fields and columns, turn off the main actions, search, export to CSV is also present. Lot of features for grid customization.
  • One small css file to completely change the look of xCRUD’s datagrid.
  • Supporting file and image uploading, unlimited thumbs creation and resizing. Blob storage is also available.
  • Table joining, subselects, relations.
  • Simple plugin for easy wordpress integration.
  • Bootstrap compatible.
  • Support via comments and email.

System Requirements

  • PHP 5
  • MySQL 5
  • mysqli extension
  • mbstring extension
  • native PHP sessions (or Memcache(d) + mcrypt)

Live demo



  • $can_minimize option fixed.
  • Timestamp -> time type change fixed.
  • column_width() style fixed.
  • Validation language bug fixed.


  • Prefix fixed (table method).
  • Disabled vs pass_var fixed.
  • Laguage js fixed.
  • Data in pass_var() can be evaluated. Just set 4th parameter in TRUE.
  • Added ‘status’ parameter into xcrudafterrequest and xcrudafterupload events.
  • CodeIgniter integration demo updated.


  • Search collation conflict fixed.
  • Not null fields is required (can be disabled from config).
  • Tree view in relation list fixed.
  • Some search issues resolved.
  • *Fixed encoding issue.


  • FK-relation() fixed.
  • Relation details view fixed.
  • Date ranges fixed.
  • Google map rendering fixed.


  • Modal js error fixed.
  • Ordering and prefix conflict fixed.
  • Alert() fixed.
  • SSL incorrect urls fixed.
  • Ordering by related field fixed.
  • Printout enumeration fixed.
  • New method create_field(), allows to create custom field in form and not in the database.
  • Disabled and readonly will be checked in server-side.
  • Additional parameter for join() – disable creating new rows and deleting from joined table.
  • Added ‘url’ parameter for uploads. Now url to a file or image can be real.


  • Additional ‘magic_quotes’ conditions.
  • Timestamp in integer field fixed.
  • Prefix in search fixed.
  • Column_tooltip() fixed.
  • Few small fixes.


  • Condition() method fixed.
  • Set exception can prevent remove action.
  • Grid name uses for csv file name.
  • Upload readonly bug fixed.
  • Fk_relation() ‘view’ fixed.
  • Nested table can be related to field from joined table.
  • Cropper “stretch” bug fixed.


  • More changes in ‘bootstrap’ theme.
  • Csv export fixed (columns ordering).
  • Dates fixed.
  • $postdata object – removed methods as_date(), as_datetime(), as_time(). Now dates are allways return correctly in mysql format.


  • Date and time empty values fixed.
  • Deleteing fixed.
  • Validation on return fixed.
  • Fk_relation() label concatenation fixed.
  • Added new javascript events: xcrudbeforevalidate, xcrudaftervalidate.
  • Visual fixes and changes in ‘bootstrap’ theme.
  • Added new method unset_list().
  • Remote_image link fixed.


  • Href and src attributes fixed.
  • Corrections in column_pattern().


  • Query() fixed (Group by and total rows issue. Column pattern).
  • Default search field fixed.
  • Int and Float fields fixed.
  • Column_pattern can be used correctly with relation().
  • Google maps loading fixed (in tabs).
  • JqueryUI window centering fixed.
  • Editor auto loading can be turned off from configuration.
  • Extended XSS filter options available in configuration file.
  • Optgroup is available in dropdowns.


  • BLOB file upload fixed.
  • Where() method fixed.
  • Added ‘filename’ parameter for ‘file’ type.
  • Duplicate_button() fixed.


  • Data and pass_var() bug fixed.
  • Date range fixed.
  • ‘Price’ default fixed.
  • Duplicate button fixed.


  • Search date ranges fixed.
  • BIGINT type casting fixed.
  • Added ‘point’ parameter in ‘price’ type.
  • Additional XSS auto-filtering.
  • Grid rendering fixed. New render parameters in configuration file.
  • New method set_attr().
  • Join() bug (on edit) fixed.
  • Negative timestamp issue fixed.


  • Search dropdowns fixed.
  • Search input’s value escaping fixed.
  • Added error message when xcrud’s scripts loaded twice.
  • Hidden fields in custom templates fixed.
  • Highlight_row() classname fixed.
  • Google map via https fixed.
  • Completed before_update, after_update and after_resize callbacks.
  • Load_css() and load_js() methods improved. Now paths works propertly with $manual_load.
  • New WordPress plugin! Now plugin automatically includes xcrud’s styles and scripts in wp_head() and wp_footer().
  • Password bug (no encryption) fixed.
  • Postdata items got new methods as_date(), as_time() and as_datetime(). THis will help you to receive dates from $postdata object.
  • Printout(short tag) fixed.
  • Fixed some typos in documentation.
  • Many-to-many relation are available now. See fk_relation() method.


  • Subselect() label fixed.
  • Dependent dropdowns (multi) fixed.
  • Editor loading fixed.


  • File upload fixed.
  • Column_pattern() final fix


  • Bit field casting fixed.
  • Image removing fixed.
  • Dependency fixed.
  • Columns reverse fixed.
  • Default_tab() fixed.
  • Column_pattern() fixed.


  • String ‘0’ bug fixed.
  • Password type bug fuxed.
  • Checkbox fixed.


  • Fixed some internal bugs.
  • RTL rendering, can be enabled in configuration file.


  • Now you can use xCRUD as simple datagrid with custom sql query. See more in documentation.
  • Condition() method fixed.
  • Read-only, if primary not exist.
  • Column_callback() and column_pattern() in detail view.


  • Default_tab() method and $default_tab option added.
  • Nested table will be displayed in tab if you use tabs.
  • Some fixes in result html.
  • Added prefix support for table names.
  • “Unique checking” bug fixed.
  • Joomla 3.2 integration plugin.


  • Automatic url detection fixed.
  • Map fixed.
  • Minor changes in js events.
  • New method set_exception() is available in callback functions.
  • Validation now is checks data on server side too.
  • $postdata variable is object now in callbacks. Check your custom functions.
  • JS alerts replaced with message bars.


  • Unset_edit() condition fixed.
  • Links_label() fixed.
  • Changes in upload sheme.
  • Classname parameter in sum() method fixed.
  • Added codegniter integration examples.


  • Urgent bugfix: image uploads.
  • Printout return fixed.
  • Some improvement of compatibility with frameworks.


  • Nested table CKEditor bug fixed.
  • Column callback csv fixed.


  • Release of new xCRUD 1.6. From this moment v.1.5 is deprecated.


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