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This is a modern and interactive coming soon page that you can easily and rapidly customize. While your site or product is underway, use the included newsletter form to collect prospective customers and visitors. The template is ready-to-go and has features cool jQuery animations, full screen photo or video of your choice. You can easily embed a YouTube video and you’re all set. If you’re looking for something different and trendy, that’s your top choice.
Take notes that this is NOT a WordPress theme.

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What people said about it:

“Awesome.. Love the demo page and how you let ppl see what can be done to the page. Love how you can change out the photos and video..”

“I’m in love with your masterpiece! Rated 5 stars.”

“Nice design. Finally someone did it here.”


“I Love it!”

“Exactly what I was looking for. thanks”

“Awesome work!”

Key Features:

Fullscreen background video

Fully responsive web design

Sign up potential customers with a working newsletter form

Feature List:

  • Take note that the fullscreen YouTube video feature is not working with Safari 7 at this time. Only the fullscreen image background works. The reason is because YouTube API has not been updated by YT since the last Safari 7 release.
  • Fully responsive web design for all devices
  • Work with YouTube (YouTube only). Copy/Paste a YouTube URL and the video will automatically plays full screen.
  • Option to Mute/Unmute/Loop/Adjust the sound volume of the video.
  • Work with any jpeg image. The template will scale your image and display it full screen.
  • Use one of the included color schemes or make your own with clean CSS file.
  • Customized cursor
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Google Analytics
  • jQuery Countdown
  • jQuery Tubular for YouTube
  • Fully working AJAX/PHP/MySQL newsletter form
  • Easy MailChimp integration
  • Twitter feed
  • Compatible on all major modern browsers
  • Well documented


Videos will not play on iPad and iPhone because of the jQuery plugin. If videos do not show, image of your choice can be displayed instead.

Updates / Changelog

NB. You can use http://www.diffnow.com to compare with your own version in case you have customized the template.

V.1.1.4 – 02.04.2014

  • Fixed bug on iPhone 5 landscape mode scroll
  • Affected Files:
    • assets/css/media-queries.css
    • assets/js/init.js

V.1.1.3 – 30.01.2014

  • Added Nice Scroll to the widgets and contact section
  • Reset contact form after send
  • Affected Files:
    • assets/js/init.js
    • assets/css/style.css
    • index.html

V.1.1.2 – 24.10.2013

  • Updated jQuery Countdown plugin to 1.6.3
  • Added no-countdown optional body class
  • Fixed bug with newsletter input on firefox
  • Added scrollbar to contact form on overflow

V.1.1.1 – 02.07.2013

  • Fixed bug with page loading indefinitely if twitter details are not set

V.1.1.0 – 17.06.2013

  • Updated Twitter widget to support API v1.1

V.1.0.9 – 22.04.2013

  • Fixed issue with the mobile version, removed the gap between the background image and the bottom content

V.1.0.8 – 09.04.2013

  • Fixed problem with write us not showing when adding the no-header class while using a video background
  • Added auto scrollbar to the widget panel for smaller screens

V.1.0.7 – 27.03.2013

  • Fixed video not showing on IE9

V.1.0.6 – 01.03.2013

  • Added timezone option for the countdown

V.1.0.5 – 27.02.2013

  • Fixed css bug with write us button not visible when using a video background
  • Added the capability of removing the top header by simply adding “no-header” class to the body tag. More info in the updated README file

V.1.0.4 – 23.02.2013

  • Fixed bug with the write us script. Not sending the name in the email message.
  • Added easy modifiable configs to the subscription script

V.1.0.3 – 21.02.2013

  • Fixed bug with logo link becoming inactive after opening the write us panel and closing again.
  • Renamed jquery.cookie.js to jquery_cookie.js to prevent it from being blocked on Mod Security enabled servers

V.1.0.2 – 18.02.2013

  • Fixed bug with background image size. It will now resize accordingly on mobile and stay centered

V.1.0.1 – 13.02.2013

  • Added video options: Mute / Unmute / Volume / Start / Repeat
  • Added close button to the widgets panel
  • When the logo is clicked, it will now scroll up to the top
  • Fixed bug with the countdown flickering right and left
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