This Premium YouTube Plugin for WordPress enables you to integrate different YouTube feeds into your blog. You can integrate YouTube channels, featured YouTube videos (Most Popular videos, Most View videos etc…), videos from playlists (New), videos from search results and also videos from default Categories (Music, Autos, News etc)

It also integrates several customizable widgets and shortcodes, and works with the very nice Fancybox to display video previews from the home page or widgets section.

And if you ever dreamed to have a fully featured YouTube search into your own blog, you have it ! You visitors have a way to search among millions of YouTube videos.


– Display videos from any YouTube channel.
– Display videos from any YouTube playlist.
– Display videos from a search result (you define your own keywords)
– Display videos from any default YouTube category (the list of all categories is given in the documentation)
– Display featured YouTube videos (popular videos)
– Support shortcuts to integrate videos with only one line !
– Display the videos list on a wall style (Facebook style).
– Automatic videos preview from the posts list.
– No need to touch any PHP file.
– Support pagination in video lists.
– Integrate a YouTube search to any of your posts or pages.
– 5 different types of widgets to display any supported video feed
– Support multiple instances of the same widget (infinite possibilities)
– Integrate smoothly with Fancybox to play the videos from the widgets
– Choose how many videos you want to display in your widgets and lists !
– Customize your embed player size from the plugin settings, and the autoplay option.

Check out the Demo of this YouTube Plugin


– The Permalinks need to be enabled on your blog settings

Some examples

Integrating a videos from a given YouTube channel (see it live)
[youtube_wpress username="scobleizer"]

Integrating videos using a channel id
[youtube_wpress channel_id="your_channel_id_comes_here"]

Integrate videos from a given playlist (see it live)
[youtube_wpress playlist="PLF7CDF46BCA15D8BF"]

Integrate videos from a search results (see it live)
[youtube_wpress search="1" search_filters="1" q="Apple"]


21 June 2015
– Added support for channel id (possible from the shortcode and widgets)
– Fixed an issue with the position of the shortcode display on the page
17 May 2015
– Updated to the latest YouTube API v3
– YouTube API key now required by YouTube
– Featured feeds now supporting only the popular videos (YouTube change)
18 July 2014
– Made the plugin get the higher quality thumbnails images from YouTube
8 June 2013
– Using a new backend interface for the plugin settings
– Fixed a minor bug when playing the videos from the blog posts list
– Made the plugin CSS and JS files included only when required for the videos display
4 Nov 2012
– Built-in Fancybox plugin (no more need to install a third party plugin)
– Fixed an issue appearing on Firefox that caused a video sound to still play when a fancybox is closed
Added support for playlists
– Added support for displaying videos from a search result
– Removed the support of user favorites videos (not supported anymore by the YouTube API)
– Added a player and stop icons on the video thumbnail displayed using the shortcode
– Added optional support for the YouTube API key for high traffic websites
– Improved the overall source code
– Added support for the new WordPress Widgets API (now supporting multiple instances of the same widget, meaning you can have as many widgets with different videos feeds as you want)
Now SEO optimized, no more AJAX. Google can find all the displayed videos on your pages !
Dec 23, 2011
– Update to v1.8.1 that should work with the latest Fancybox for WordPress plugin (v3.0.1)
November 5, 2011
– Fixed an issue with the favorite videos displays (widgets and pages)
– Added the ability to customize the videos thumbnail size in the widgets.
May 13, 2011
Numerous minor bug fixes + ability to filter featured videos by categories.
May 1, 2011 (version 1.1)
– Added a way to display a given video thumbnail in posts and page (instead of an embed player).
– HD support for videos in posts and pages.
– Ability to display the video description under the videos embed player in posts and pages.
– Option to disable the social buttons.
– Scroll up when navigating through the pagination.
– Automatically close a video when another is opened in a video listing.
– Safe search support added to be able to filter restricted YouTube videos.
– Fixed a bug with the search functionality appearing when permalinks are not activated.
– Added the AJAX support for the videos search button from posts and pages.

Mobile version available

Get the YouTube Mobile Application

YouTube Videos for WordPress - 1

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